Duscha Management LLC has a team of experienced project managers that guide a book through the entire publishing process. This includes editing, layout, cover design, and securing quality illustration. We work well with independently published and first time authors.  Our objective for you as a client is that you have direct involvement and oversight in the project.

Duscha Management LLC has developed an approach to publishing that can be used for any type of book project. Our services are tailored to the client, which may include a tertiary review of an already-written project to assisting with the complete development of the project.

Our book publishing will help introduce your writing to the world.
Submission of your manuscript by email to duschamgt@gmail.com or mail to
Duscha Management LLC
PO Box 536
Luna Pier, MI 48157

Prospective authors should submit the following:
A curriculum vitae or resume for all authors
Attach a synopsis and sample chapters
Any information regarding photographs or artwork for the book
Tell us what makes your book unique
The audiences you envision for your book and the contributions your work offers
The length of the manuscript and the number of illustrations incorporated. Your timetable for completion of the project (if it is already finished, please let us know that, too

Our Values:
We have great respect for our fellow employees, readers, authors, illustrators, opinion makers, vendors, customers, and all those with whom we collaborate.
We welcome new avenues of success, including content we have not pursued before. 
We believe in creating award-worthy books.
We believe in celebrating our successes, no matter how small.
We believe in honoring our cherished company history and building upon it to create a successful future.
We believe in making morally and ethically sound decisions for ourselves and for everyone with whom we associate.
We believe in working with people we care about to create books that make a difference.

Terms and Conditions:
Duscha Management LLC Publishing is accepting submissions of manuscripts and/or proposals. Submissions can be made by agents or authors directly.
We receive a large number of submissions and because of that please note the following terms and conditions apply when making a submission. By making a submission you agree to these terms and conditions: Duscha Management LLC is under no obligation to provide any communication related to the status of a submission. If Duscha Management LLC is interested in publishing the submission, we will contact you.
Duscha Management LLC is under no obligation to return any materials submitted. So please do not send anything that you want returned.