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    Brandon T. Copeland

    Brandon "Kong" Copeland is a former Mixed Martial Arts competitor, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt & competitor and Motivational speaker. Brandon also is Co-Owner of the first Gym ever on Put-In-Bay island "Muscle Bay Fitness" which opened April 11th 2017. Born June 14th 1980 Brandon was born with a severe case of Asthma which lead him hospitalized a lot of his younger years. As he got older he began to grow out of the serious asthma attacks which allowed him to begin playing sports such as Football, Basketball, boxing & Track & Field. Brandon worked as a bouncer & personal trainer his earlier adult years. In 2004 July, 24 Brandon was stabbed five times in the abdomen while doing security at a bar & grill. After immediate surgery and almost losing his life in the process it took him roughly two years to recover. After the long painful recovery Brandon was faced with another challenge when his daughters mother abandoned him and his oldest daughter Brandi and did not return. Being a young single father of a little girl was one of the biggest challenges in his life but with the help of great family he made it work. Brandon found a passion in Mixed Martial Arts around that time where he spent eleven years as a competitor winning two titles in two different weight classes. He then opened "Kong Fighting Systems" where he taught, Kids classes, Women's Self Defense & trained pro and amateur MMA fighters.Brandon started "I Stopped The Bully" after meeting several children who suffered from being bullied. He began posting via social media statics on the effects for bulling when he caught the attention of several children programs wanting him to come speak to the youth. Since then he has written 3 children's stories, he has spoken at colleges, K-12 school's, Major companies, Juvenile Detention Centers, Churches and other youth programs. His plans are to continuing spreading positive messages through his speaking and creative writing.

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